Chaplains are sometimes also known by the name "Youth Workers", or "Care Workers". Their passion and their purpose is to support the wellbeing, values and spirituality of young people in our schools.
Chaplaincy is offered to students on a voluntary basis, with no student obligated to participate. Chaplains respect the range of religious views and affiliations, and cultural traditions in the school and the community, and as a result they are approachable by students of all faiths.
The services provided by the chaplains vary according to what is appropriate to the school environment and student needs.
Spiritual guidance:
  • Supporting students to explore their spirituality; 
  • Providing guidance on religious, values and ethical matters; and 
  • Facilitating access to the helping agencies in the community, both church-based and secular.
Greater pastoral care:
  • Providing guidance to students on issues concerning human relationships; 
  • Assisting school counsellors and staff in the provision of student welfare services; 
  • Providing support in cases of bereavement, family breakdown or other crisis and loss situations;
  • Being readily available to provide continuity and on-going support for individual students and staff where this is necessary.
Other activities:
  • In-class support as a teacher aid support; 
  • Attending school camps, excursions, sports days, school committees etc; 
  • Organising events and activities with voluntary student participation (eg. lunchtime groups); 
  • Coaching teams (eg. debating, sporting).
Any feedback about the School chaplaincy Program at Inverell High School can be given to the Principal on 67223777 or in person by making an appointment through this number.
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