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Last updated 8:50 AM on 30 March 2012



Our PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) launch was held at assembly in week 6 to mark the official status of the program in the school. Our PBL journey begab in 2009.  Since that time we've had lots of staff trained and groups of students. Through an extensive process of consultation, we've determined our core values - Respect, Integrity, Tolerance and Excellence. These R.I.T.E. values are the basis for all we do at school, how we treat each other, the standards we set for ourselves and the way we generally behave. Our PBL logo is based on the architecture of the front of the school with its four pillars.

At the launch a number of people spoke about the significance of PBL at Inverell HS.  Student watched  video footage of themselves doing the RITE thing from photos taken around the school prior to the launch. We also viewed a video of community memberstalking about what RITE means to them in their lives or in their workplace. One of our teacher's aides, Duke Bailey and a student, Brayden Chiplin, performed a rap song especially written for our launch.

Students received a number of gifts, a lanyard, pen and thumbdrive, all with our PBL values and our logo. Students also suddenly broke into a flash mob dance on the school oval at lunch time to celebrate the PBL launch, demonstrating their collegiality and school spirit.

Students can look forward to being rewarded with PBL tokens as they are recognised for doing the RITE thing.  The tokens will go into a fortnightly draw for students to win tangible prizes for demonstrating positive behviours.  This aims to create positive behaviours that will become habitual for students over time and serve them well in their future endeavours.