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Last updated 10:33 AM on 7 October 2011

NAIDOC Week Awards Night

The annual NAIDOC Week Awards Night was held on Tuesday 29th June.  The awards recognise our Aboriginal students in a number of areas - academics, attendance, most improved, public speaking, sport.  The night is an excellent opportunity for our school to celebrate the students' achievements with their parents and families.


Community Volunteer Awards

Dick Blair, Kim Jerrard, Brian Donnelly.



Ebony Adams, Brandi Holzhauser, Patrick Binge, Jack Jeffery, Stanley McGrady, Michael Jerrard, Ainsleigh Thomas, Kaleb Whalley, Bevan French, Cody Holzhauser, Kiara Jerrard, Letitia Toomey, Tyron Edmonds, Shaliya Stone.


Sporting Achievements

Kiara Jerrard, Jack Jeffery, Tyron Edmonds, Ronald Blair, Jason Livermore, Bevan French, Nicholas Patch, Terrance Gleeson.


Academic Achievements

Mathew Jerrard, Ebony Adams, Shaliya Stone, Kiara Jerrard, Ashleigh Lackay, Christina Hicks.


Most Improved

Tegan Lazar, Ashleigh Lackay, Tyron Edmonds, Ainsleigh Thomas.



Ebony Adams, Cody Holzhauser, Dylan Hogg, Kiara Jerrard, Vivienne McGrady, Terrance Gleeson, Jack Jeffery.


Exemplary Behaviour

Ebony Adams, Kiara Jerrard, Cody Holzhauser, Dylan Hogg, Jack Jeffery, Mathew Jerrard, Brandi Holzhauser, Terrance Gleeson.


Citizenship and Community Service

Ebony Adams, Mathew Jerrard.


Reflections  -   Tyrone Connors, Year 12 2009.


Public Speaking

Ebony Adams, Kirilee Davis, Marley Blair, Lekara Davis.


Encouragement Award

Quentin Williams, Jason Livermore, Tommy Lombo, Thomas Smith, Patrick Binge, Jessica Alderson, Amy Alderson.


Strong, Smart and Deadly Program Encouragement Awards

For Consistent Effort in Group Sessions

Julian Schutz, Quentin Williams, Patrick Binge, Michael Jerrard, Anthony Binge, Kaitlan Taylor, Teneika Taylor, Vivienne McGrady, Letitia Toomey, Kaya Duncan, Tegan Lazar, Joelleen Wilson.