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Last updated 10:33 AM on 7 October 2011

On Friday 24th June two busloads of students travelled to Armidale for our annual inter-school visit with Armidale High School.  the event was held at the Sporting Complex at the University of new England on what was an exceptionally warm and sunny winter's day in Armidale.


It was fantastic to see and hear the exceptional level of school spirit as we contested thirty individual games in sports such as rugby league, table tennis, basketball, netball, beach volleyball, fishing and soccer.  Although Armidale High School was the overall winner of the day, our students, as usual, gave 200% effort and were a credit to our school in every way.


Congratulations to all students and a big thankyou to the teachers who went too.   Special thanks go to Mrs Bryant for her organisation of such a great day, even though she missed most of it while waiting with one of our students at Armidale Hospital!