Wheelchair Basketball Action

Throughout the year they Clontarf boys and staff train twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday morning before school at 7am. With an average of 16 boys arriving there is always excitement in the air to what activity we will participate in.

On this particular morning the boys were able to try their skill at wheelchair basketball. Here are a some student comments and pictures on what the boys thought of the training session.

KC: "Me and my mates had hepas of fun and learnt heaps."

Steven: "I reakon it's a good sport and some of the people that play the sport would be heaps strong, it was heaps of fun."

Kaleb: "Training was cool today, especially playing wheelchair basketball.

Speaking to the boys before the activity gave us the chance to discuss how tough some people do it in life and how hard they would have had to work to get themselves fit enough to play this sport at a national level.  

Deano Davis giving it his all as usual.

KC making sure he stays in control.

Frankie enjoyed having a roll.

Josh Williams on the burst.

Steven and Matt dodge one another.


Great effort boys!