School Chaplaincy Program

Inverell High School has been involved in the School Chaplaincy program for a number of years.

The Chaplain's role is varied and includes

classroom support,

playing games in the playground at break times,

supporting students who self-refer or who are referred by staff or parents,

involvement in school programs such as Camps or Positive Behaviour for Learning.

Frances Bell

Hello! My name is Frances Bell, I am IHS's Chaplain, bringing a Cert IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care; Basic Unit in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and a 'Seasons for Growth' Facilitator. This training has equipped me to listen effectively, respect and support wellbeing, ideas, cultural traditions, spiritually and religious affiliations of all individuals..

I am here to serve the school. Much happens in a 'normal ' school day with over 600 students; extra hands and feet are much appreciated. I am involved with the welfare arm of the school, running the Breakfast Club four mornings a week and other support in this area.

I serve as a Teacher's Aide during class time, offering assistance to students and being available for students to get to know me and I them. This serves as a positive platform for mutual trust and respect to develop, as school life happens, students get to know someone else who is available to support them.

I pastorally care for students throughout my day. I am available to anyone desiring to talk to someone, this is upon request. I run voluntary lunch time programs; first semester to support year 7's transition and other groups as I see may be beneficial for school life.