75th Reunion

Inverell High School 75th Anniversary Reunion

The IHS 75th Anniversary Reunion was held on Saturday, July 30th, 2011. 

The Open Day included guided tours around the school, photographic and memorabilia displays in the Library and drama and musical performances by current students in Welch Hall. Attendees gathered for the official welcome from the current school Principal, Dr Karen Roberts, the unveiling of 75th anniversary commemorative plaque by Miss Joyce Barry, and reunion group photo. The Alliston and Fowke families took part in the planting of two commemorative sentinel pines at the front of the school and the 75th anniversary time capsule was planted.


The75th Anniversary Reunion Dinner was held at the Inverell Town Hall on the Saturday Night. Attendees were entertained by guest speaker Djuro Sen, a reporter and producer with Network 7 and ex-student of Inverell High and vocal performances by current students, Megan Longhurst and Melanie Dyer.

Memorabilia and Pinnacles

A big thank you goes to those who lent or donated memorabilia items for our display in the Inverell High School Library for the anniversary. Your generosity contributed to the success of the Open Day display and has inspired us to continue with a school archive project.

We have now filled in the gaps of the digital Pinnacle collection due to the generosity of those who donated or lent us their treasured copies. We will continue to be accepting donations or loans of items to be included in the ongoing archive project. if you have items please contact us at ihs75th@gmail.com or Lisa Tomlinson-Gils on 02-67223777.


Ex-students may order digital copies of The Side Track or Pinnacle on DVD by completing the order form at the link below. You may order up to 10 consecutive years per order at $15 per DVD.



Contact Details

For further information

email: ihs75th@gmail.com

phone: 02-67223777 during school hours 8:30 - 4:30


Connecting with Others

The Reunion is online and ex-students and staff are encouraged to register at friendsunited.com.au to make contact with those who were at IHS at the same time. It is free to register.